Documentary "The Quilt"

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"The doctor glasses have small windows
You can see the blue sky for them
One can see by chance, even an airplane
Or a shock of a flying saucer
Mario Quintana

A window, a lace curtain, some students, teachers and community speaking. I tried to reduce four years of the project League of Health Education, sixty hours of video footage in this one-hour documentary. It was challenging.

The documentary came from this need to share our history, to show the steps, the difficulties, the problems and successes. Not everything perfect, not all with the better methodology, but still the feeling, the mutual respect, the questions and the will to believe that we can be actors, inventors, caregivers, and apprentices. A bit of poetry and dreams, missteps  and achievements.

The cut fragments of a Quilt that have sewn in the beginning of this story. And the next chapters certainly still to come in this seam that will never end.

 Thanksmore than special for everyone who agreed to share their experience, a mix of actors and cameramen: Adriana Maria de Souza, Ana Maria Evangelista Ferreira, Andressa Mattos, Arnildo Dutra de Miranda Junior, Ariane Machado Neuhaus, Carlos Roberto dos Reis Castro, Clarissa Resende Côrrea, Ernande Valentin Prado, Gracelina David, Jean Veronese de Souza, Jessica Pereira Sauer, Juliana Rocha Batista da Silva, Julio Wong Un, Ledeni Alves dos Santos, Luan Menezes, Maria Amelia Mano, Maria Emilia Silver, Mayara Floss, Roberto Contain Tavares, Rubens Caurio Lobato, Rosane Galarraga Martins Castro, Santiago Côrrea, Suzana Reis, Tarso Teixeira Pereira and Thiago Medeiros.

Also sincere thanks to musician Lucius Yanel that permitted us to use their song "La cau" recorded with Yamandú Costa as the soundtrack. Also, we worked hard to put subtitles in English, special thanks for the efforts of Augusto Carvalho to help to translate and review.

Here is the invitation to the blog of the League of Education in Health (in Portuguese) and you can enjoy and learn more about what they are building: .

Warm Regards,

Mayara Floss

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